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My gallery is full of surprises. Mainly surprises from:
Wolf's Rain
Wraith from Stargate Atlantis

Well, have a look at it if you want =)


Got cought up in a meme again. Damn it (it's not like ist isn't fun at all :P )
At this point, thanks to :iconroyal-fox: xD

_ _ _


1. Choose your favorite OC

2. Answer the questions in character on how you think they'd react!

3. Tag 9 of your friends!

Favorite OC: Kahzzt - Drow/Darkelv

1.) Their pet goldfish dies: „Wait. Since when did I own a goldfish? ... Maybe it would have lived a bit longer if anybody would have told me 'bout this.“

2.) A robber as broken into their house while they are home!: *suddenly appears from the shadows and kills the robber* "Dawww! Not my calimshan carpet again!"

3.) A random person gives your OC a hug!: „Just what... THE F**K!? Hey, I know I'm awesome and sexy and adorable and so on, but... JUST GET OFF OF ME! SOMEBODY HELP!!“

4.) Some idiot has challenged your OC to a bar fight!: "Okay. I'll count to three. This will be your last chance to let go of your rediciolous idea. One... two... *knife shoots across the room, getting stuck into the challengers chest* .... whoops. Sorry, my hand slipped."

5.) Your OC has stumbled upon a basket of abandoned, adorable kittens!: *nearly kissed the floor* "F**K! What kind of mind-f**ked idiot drops his s**t full of.... cute.... kittens... ." *kneels down to them* "Hey guys.... *grins* I know somebody who would sell his own mother for some cuties like you are. Guess this means knew knives for daddy, eh?"

6.) Your OC is faced with their worst fear!: "No! No, this can't be! *shivers* No, please...! How could this happened!? *collapses* ...please. Come back to me... don't leave me." 

7.) Someone has made your OC's favorite food for dinner!: „Woah! You cooked this for me? Thank you! I wouldn't beleave to ever get the chance to eat this again!”

8.) Your OC witnesses someone being beaten up and robbed! What does your OC do about it?: *hunts down the criminal* "YOU! How dare you! *knocks him out* Nobody gets away with stealing in my territory without my permission." *takes all the booty*

9.) Sees a defenseless person being chased by a monster. What does your OC do?: "Oh, there's a person being chased by a monster...? Not by business. ... WAIT! Is that a woman!? Hang on there, Miss! 'll be right there to save you!"
*after the fight*
"Sheesh... so much for that. Now for my payment. Do you have any plans for tonight, Miss? *skittish grin*"

10.) A invading army is setting siege on the city your OC is staying at. What does your OC do?: "Oh, s**t... I'd better travel on."

11.) Your OC sees that their crush or significant other is being Bullied. What do they do about it?: *enraged* *smashes his fist without warning, into the bullies face* *knock out* "If you ever touch her again, I SWEAR I won't just crush your face...!" *has to be hold back by his crush*

12.) Your OC is dungeon crawling with some friends and ends up falling through a trap door! Your OC then finds themselves in a torture chamber!: “Oh, please... are you serious? What's with these toddler toys? You should pay a visit to Menzoberranzan. I'm sure the mother matrons could give you some helpful lessons.“

13.) Someone has stolen your OC's cookies!: "... okay. Somebody will dies today."

14.) Your OC catches their crush or significant other in bed with someone else!: "... well, I didn't expact that. If it would be me, yeah, but you? *smiles* ... Have fun you two. *leaves the room* *trembles in rage* It will be the last time you spend together."

15.) OC's best friend is sick with a cold.: "Wait. Didn't you tell me orcs couldn't catch a cold?”

16.) One of your OC's friends has stolen your OC's clothing while they were taking a bath in a lake! Your OC doesn't have any clothes!: *realises his clother were stolen* "... *sight* ... you know. If you wanted to see me naked, you could just have asked for it!"*but refuses to leave the water though*

17.) Its Christmas day and your OC finds coal in their stocking.: "Huh? Coal again? Is this supposed to be a joke? I mean, I'm already black tainted... and by the way. MakeUp is something for women...".

18.) The Zombies are attacking!: "Oh no. Not you again. You're so disgusting... I won't be able to eat anything for days."

19.) Your OC gets handcuffed to their worst enemy.: "YOU! Do you really think this will stop me from killing you? See... I'll just pierce your heart with this knife, cut your wrist with it, so I can get free from you and take the key."

20.) Your OC finds themselves in a haunted house!: *shiver* "... give me vampires, give me trolls, give me zombies if you have to... but don't give me things I can't slice with my sword!" *totally cracks up*

21.) Your OC has received a nasty flesh wound from battle!: "Ghh! Shit... where's Nâzga if you need her? ... Damn it. I would have never thought this would be the way I die... ."

22.) Someone gross looking is hitting on your OC.: “Oh my... you know what they say. Barking dogs don't bite."

23.) Someone very important to your OC has just died.: *sits drunken on this one important place, watching the moon* *empties the bottle* "... what!?" *shows aside* "I know I promised you, I wouldn't drink that much anymore! ... YEAH, I KNOW DAMN IT! ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scream at you. It's just... you know, I can't let go of you. And I'm only able to see you and to speak with you, when I'm drunk. ... *laughs* No, I'm not melancholic. ... Says the person that has been telling me melancholic things the whole day. ... Yeah, I know. ... Know what? I really miss our conversations. It's good, that you're here."

24.)nYour OC gets challenged to a drinking game!: "Are you sure, you want to lose your whole money? Yes? Then bring it on!”

25.) You get to meet your OC! How would they react to meeting you?: "Hey, Miss. Do you have any plans for tonight?"

That's all! Tag your friends!



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dA says its 6:23 AM.
Here in Germany it is almost 3:25 PM xD

Listening to:
Saltatio Mortis - Eulenspiegel

Drizzt Live Action Trailer *-*

Thinking about:
My new LARP costumes of a female drow and... wahahahaa! Surprise, surprise! :evillaugh:

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Having a place to study game art & 3D animation

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Selfish humen acting selfish -_-

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The silence before storm...

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dry and warm

stressed, happy and motivated :heart:

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